The Father Seeks Worshipers

‘Jules Riding is a professional musician, meritorious worshiper, instrumentalist, composer and worship leader who has established several worship-related services. He has recorded a lot of music created by himself and others, performed on many stages and events, served in the church long and faithfully, and is familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the inner life of the churches. Entering his name on YouTube opens up a whole world of material, and it is obvious that it is the fruit of many years of work. This book is a concentrate of the wisdom, revelations, experiences, and patterns discovered in practical work over time, with a strong background in God’s Word. I believe that many churches can use the material presented here to refresh and renew their musical ministry, worship, and the inner life of the church. He explains not only ‘how’ but also ‘why’. In any case, there is a lot of food for thought here for the leaders of the congregations, the leaders of the different branches of the congregations and, of course, above all the glorifiers. But this book is also a valuable storehouse for any Christian reader who is not directly involved in musical ministry and does not consider himself a musical person, because prayer and praise are a part and privilege of all of us, whether singing and praising in the church or simply praising and thanking God alone. The author has lived in Estonia for a few years now and we have a great opportunity to invite him to share and serve his experiences and talents. I believe that God can bless many through His ministry and also through this book.’
Pastor Mart Metsala, Valguse Tee Vabakogudus, Tallinn Estonia

‘We live in a time of more worship songs, more worship artists, and more worship promotion than ever before, but what is the essence and heart of worship? This 40-day Worship Program ‘The Father Seeks Worshipers’ starts with the scripture, both Old and New Testament, and guides the reader to the heart of God and His desire for true worship and true worshipers. What is worship? What is praise? What is the anointing of the Holy Spirit? What does it mean to enter into the presence of the Lord? These questions, both practical and spiritual, and many others are answered leading individuals, small groups, church congregations or even entire denominations to know God better. To see God for who He is and worship Him in spirit and truth! I thoroughly recommend this book /study-aid for any who want to go deeper with God. It will be a blessing to many people and many nations.’
Pastor Craig Hamer, Tartu International Fellowship, Tartu Estonia