Why Worship?

Why Worship is a ministry aimed at bringing renewal in worship to individuals, groups and church congregations of any size or denomination across Europe.

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The Father Seeks Worshipers

Published in English, Estonian and Polish.

For generations churches have worshiped in a traditional ‘religious’ way but without the freedom and liberty of the Holy Spirit. Church structures and service formats have limited personal expression of worship to such an extent that worship has become dry, stale and lifeless. Many leave the church untouched, unimpressed with a lifeless God, and deeply disillusioned with ‘the Church’. They don’t experience life and transformation, instead just a dry formality, which does not reflect the life and vitality of the Gospel that Jesus lived and preached. What can the Church do? Learn to worship God with the life an vitality that He desires, which in turn will be a great witness to those who don’t know Him.

With a consistent ‘Holy Spirit renewal’ approach to ministry, and with encouragement from God’s Word, it is possible for individuals and congregations to move in a greater freedom in worship. This can bring life to the believer’s personal walk with the Lord, a freedom and warmth in worship, which in turn is attractive to outsiders. People are drawn into the Lord’s presence in this way.

You will fill me with joy in your presence. Psalm 16.11

40-Day Biblical Worship Program ‘The Father Seeks Worshipers’  (TFSW)   The aim of this program is to bring renewal in worship at a personal level of every member of the group or congregation. So, after an initial introduction, individuals and groups within the church embark on a 40-day program of short daily bible studies on different aspects of worship. Each week, members are encouraged to participate in a small group setting, where topics are discussed and prayed through. The 40 days will conclude with a church service designed to bring the group or congregation into a greater level of intimacy with the Lord.

Topics to be covered in this 40-day program   The difference between praise and worship, thanksgiving, the sacrifice of praise, The Tabernacle (God’s ‘first church’ or blueprint for worship), the Holy Spirit, the anointing, high praise, spiritual warfare, hindrances to praise & worship, spiritual disciplines, the Father Heart of God, a biblical worldview, the Psalms, body movement in worship, the heart of a worshiper, worship lifestyle & attitudes, prophecy, the Song of the Lord, the Name of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus, children in worship, listening to God, silence, the Lord’s Supper, the effect of technology on the worshiper, cross-cultural worship, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, overcoming a passive spirit, denominations, cultural relevance of the Church, worship renewal in history, worship in the Book of Revelation, liturgy and worship styles, plus notes for singers, musicians and worship leaders. In summary:  How we worship, who we worship and why we worship.

Format of TFSW Program   The program is printed as a 198-page book, available from the Why Worship office in Estonia or New Zealand (details in the ‘Contact’ section).  It is currently published in English and Estonian and will be released in Polish in 2022.

For enquiries, to find out more about TFSW Program, or to make a booking send your name and email here ☞

    Jules Riding was the founder/director of the Elkanah School of Music Ministry held annually in New Zealand over a nine year period 1995 – 2004. It covered every conceivable aspect of leading worship in a NZ context, and equipped and released worship leaders, worship teams, singer/songwriters and individuals in the area of their gifting. Why Worship is an extension of that ministry, seeking to challenge, inspire and equip not just worship leaders and worship teams but congregations and groups large or small in the vital area of praise and worship. Jules Riding has released 12 albums, three of which are Gold Status in NZ. He has twice won ‘Gospel Album of the Year’ at the NZ Music Awards. He’s written a book ‘Brokenheart’ on recovery from burnout and depression, two volumes of poetry and this worship book ‘The Father Seeks Worshipers’.

    Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness, tremble before him all the earth. Psalm 96.9